Genero Sales 60 days free trial

In this 6-step guide we will onboard you to Genero Sales. You are always welcome to contact Your KAM/support if you have Questions (see below)

1. Free trial

2. Create your setup – import data

3. Setup order integrations

4. Training

5. Go live

6. Evaluation

What does Genero do?

  • Import data
  • Training of users

What does you as customer do?

  • Provide hardware
  • Provide customers and product data

STEP 1: Apply for free trail (mandatory fields are marked with *)

STEP 2: Create your setup – import data

Fill out the Excel-template you got from your KAM or download it here (Fields marked with * are mandatory)

  • Customers*
  • Customer contacts
  • Products*
  • Product number at block
  • Undertaking per chain
  • Visiting types
  • Order row codes

After supplying the information to your KAM Genero will import the data

STEP 3: Order export setup

  • Export of order – E-mail

STEP 4: Training

  • Training Genero Sales Officer: KAM schedule a meeting with sales management (Teams/Skype)
  • Training: Genero Sales Striker: KAM schedules a meeting with sales reps (Teams/Skype)

STEP 5: Go live

You are now ready to go live with your 60 days free trial

STEP 6: Evaluation

  • Experiences from the trial period is analyzed with sales management and sales representative
  • Follow up/reports
  • Next step