Genero Sales – The mobile sales CRM for FMCG

Genero Sales is a sales tool/CRM for companies with field sales forces that visits the FMCG, food service and retail market. As of today we have over 2 000 users in 14 countries. Our sales tool is made for the markets where our customers are present and in contradiction to other sales CRM around, like Salesforce and Repsly that are very general, we instead focus on specific functions custom made for your needs. Genero Sales Striker mobile app is all you need to support the entire sales process - from planning to follow up. Genero Sales helps the sales reps plan their days and become more relevant in store thanks to a simple and practical tool in their smartphone or tablet. The sales manager and administrator can at anytime prepare, support and evaluate the efforts made by the sales team in the back office web interface.

What are the functions in Genero Sales?


  • Plan the customers in the calendar based on priority and visiting frequency to get full control of what your priorities should be.
  • See exactly what tasks should be performed in each visit
  • The tasks is specific based on what customer you are looking at and what sales period you are in at present
  • All valid sales presentations are automatically liked and available, directly in the visit
  • You can create your own visiting templates that makes planning a lot quicker and easier
  • Create your own tasks and notes that will follow the customer to future visits
  • Support for reporting of mileage work hours

Customers and campaigns

  • Get a full overview of your customers. Everything you need to know is in the app
  • Add as many customer contacts and contact details as you want, so that can call, email or send material or confirmations to them directly from the app
  • Sew a complete history on your customers. Visits, orders and photos taken
  • If a customer is connected to specific price lists or campaign prices, you can also see that clearly in the app

Distribution checks

  • Register distribution points with help of templates or do your own distribution check
  • Measure and follow up face and stock
  • Follow up your distribution targets with help of widgets and campaign reports
  • Support for placing orders on products without distribution

Marketing questions and tasks

  • Answer pre-defined marketing questions in form of text, single choice, multiple choice, amount or photo, directly in the the visit
  • Group the marketing questions to get a better overview
  • Create your own tasks as reminders for future visits
  • Support for answering one marketing questions multiple times
  • Follow up your targets in reports, widgets or KPI:s

Orders and refunds

  • Place an order quickly and smoohtly and decide yourself when it's ready to send
  • Support for multiple order flows to  optional recipient and transfer method (EDI, e-mail  or customized file export)
  • Optional order copy to customer
  • Support for handling discounts and price lists
  • Copy a historic order to a new one
  • Support for pre-defined order templates and assortment
  • Create refund orders and set up a customized chain of approval

Reports and insights

  • Follow target versus outcome directly in the activity report in the app
  • See trends on key targets in customized widgets back office
  • Support for pre-defined KPI:s
  • 20 standard reports to analyze sales, distribution, campaign performance, visits or marketing questions
  • Create automatic subscriptions on your favourite reports
  • Export the reports to Excel or other formats

Presentation and media - add-on module

  • Present your products and campaigns directly  in the app on the phone or tablet
  • Support for PDF, JPG and MP4 format
  • Navigate freely with help of thumbnails
  • Build your order while in the presentation, without having to stop presenting
  • E-mail the presentation to the customer, directly from the app
  • Find the correct presentation quickly with the help of media tags
  • Upload images through pre-defined marketing questions or upload as many spontaneous images as you want
  • See the complete image history for a specific customer
  • See your colleges images in the image gallery
  • Filter a selection of images with help of filters and image tags
  • Export images from the back office interface directly to PowerPoint
  • 👍 images uploaded by your colleges or see who 👍 yours
  • Post comments on your colleges images
  • Get notifications in the app when someone 👍 or comments on your image

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Equipment - add-on module

  • Register and control what equipment is place at each customer
  • Register serial number, staus, placement or model
  • Connect the equipment with an agreement
  • Full overview of all equipment back office

Documents - add-on module

  • Create templates back office that gathers customer information automatically and is available directly in the app
  • Perfect for agreements, ordering templates or customer plans
  • Add products to the document
  • Add your own information in the document and save the document on the customer
  • Send the document to any e-mail address directly from the app