Genero Sales – Reports & Insights

Genero Sales supports a number of different reports, widgets and dashboards to follow up everything that happens in the sales organization. Add our module Genero Insight and you will get the market’s sharpest follow-up with dynamic reports, created in Microsoft Power BI

  • Follow target versus outcome directly in the activity report in the app
  • See trends on key targets in customized widgets back office
  • Support for pre-defined KPI:s
  • 20 standard reports to analyze sales, distribution, campaign performance, visits or marketing questions
  • Create automatic subscriptions on your favourite reports
  • Export the reports to Excel or other formats

If you add our brand new module Genero Insight you will get the sharpest follow-up on the market in form of comprehensive and dynamic reports, created in Microsoft Power BI, available both backoffice and in the app, all the way down to customer level.

  • Visit report
  • Distribution report
  • Sales report
  • Budget report
  • Market question report

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