At Genero we want to offer complete business solutions within sales to all our customers. Therefore we work close with our strategic partners.

SRB is Sweden’s largest player in merchandising and specializes in maximizing the sale of goods by optimizing the environment in and around store shelf. The SRB provides services in, among other things, grocery, construction and retail trade as well as in the pharmacy market.

Stockfiller is a comprehensive system for order management, delivery tracking and sales analysis for buyers to suppliers in the food industry.

CatMan Solutions offers a Business Intelligence solution designed to handle comprehensive amounts of complex data from many different data sources. The ambition is to help their customers make better decisions faster.

Delfi offers market information and advice for the food industry. Through relevant market information, advanced tools and specialist expertise, they streamline their customer´s marketing and sales.

Effectmakers BMS is a software solution for Business Planning and Trade Promotion Management. The solution is simple and easy to implement, yet it gives you powerful functionality for planning and improving your business.