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Watch the movie about Genero Sales


Watch the movie about Genero Sales

Some of our satisfied customers

Genero Sales helps thousands of field sales reps within FMCG in 14 countries.

What our customers are saying

Planera din vecka med vårt mobila CRM-system, se din kalender och hantera dina dagliga aktiviteter

The major advantages with Genero Sales as we see it is that everything is in place when the sales reps are reporting their visits with orders, distribution checks and market questions ...

The colaboration with Genero works really great! Always quick responses from the Customer Succes Team and contibuous follow-up with relevent information.

Genero Sales have made life easier for our sales organization, in the day to day operations through planning, targeting and follow-up!

Genero Sales is easy to use, both for backofice dministrators and sales reps out on the field.

Very logical in it´s structure.

Patrik Andersson
Regional Sales Manager

Thousands of happy users

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3 reasons to choose Genero Sales

Planera din vecka med vårt mobila CRM-system, se din kalender och hantera dina dagliga aktiviteter

Everything in one place to simplify day to day sales operations

In Genero Sales you have everything you need to succeed with your field sales. Calendar, customers, products, prices, order management, promotions, images, social fetaures, targeting and follow up. Everything is integrated in one app and you don´t have to switch between multiple software. Everything designed to make the day to day operations as smooth as possible for the field sales organisation.

World class follow-up with Genero Insight

Genero Insight is a modern and powerful tool to analyze your Genero data in a simple and clear fashion, naturally fully integrated in Genero Sales

Built on a Microsoft Power BI platform we have developed a number of reports to analyze sales, distribution, visits and promotions.

Genero Insight also give you the opportunity to integrate POS data or other external data, so you can make your sales reps become even more relevant during their sales visits

In short, the most powerful follow-up on the market!

Works on all platforms, all over the world

Genero Sales Striker is of course a cross platform app which means that it doesn´t matter if your sales reps are using iOS, Android or Windows. Combinations of this also works great.

Genero Sales Striker is available in app stores so that you can onboard new sales reps quickly.

It doesn´t matter where in the world your sales organisation is located. We have customers in 15 countries and we keep expanding continuously. The offline support i.e to not be in need of an internet connection all the time is another thing that contributes to a robust and stable user experience.

Watch the movie about Genero Sales


Genero´s CRM sales tool supports the entire sales process from planning to follow-up. Genero helps the sales staff plan their days and become more relevant in the stores thanks to a simple and practical tool in their mobile phone or tablet. The sales manager and administrator can through the web interface prepare, support and evaluate the efforts of the salesforce.


It should be easy to visualize the connection between the efforts of the sales staff and the end results and create a smart future strategy. It should also be easy for the sales staff to present the key benefits of their brand or products during the sales meeting. Therefore, a modern sales tool needs to simplify the analyzing process, something we at Genero have taken to heart when creating Genero Insight built on a Microsoft Power BI platform.


But a future sales tool is more than that. Communication is the key to success and a typical day for a sales rep can be lonely. Therefore, we have added social functions that helps with the communication between all parts of the sales organization. We make it easier to highlight good examples though photos and make every day a little bit more inspiring with the possibility to comment each others efforts.