Genero Refund Service


Fixed fee of 8.000 SEK/month plus a variable cost based on the invoice amount, offered separately.

Genero Refund Service is a service available for everyone who is using Genero Sales today.

​We know that you probably spend a lot of time and administration handling refunds for your customers. We now offer a service that automates this process for you.

If you send more than 4 hours a week on refunds it will probably be more cost efficient to let us handle them instead.

So you can spend time on other things instead.


How does it work?

  • The sales rep creates a refund order or an order with a refund that is signed by the store contact
  • The order is split up into an order and a refund if it´s a order with a discount
  • The refund is approved according to the current attest logic
  • Genero administer the refund towards the store and sends the invoice to you as customer
  • The sales rep gets a notification when the refund is paid out


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