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Genero Sales is a mobile sales automation tool for companies with field sales forces that process grocery stores, out of home and specialist trade. Today we have over 2 000 users in 14 countries.

Genero Sales Video

Take a look at our video for a quick introduction to our market leading CRM within FMCG – Genero Sales.



Genero´s sales tool supports the entire sales process from planning to follow-up. Genero helps the sales staff plan their days and become more relevant in the stores thanks to a simple and practical tool in their mobile phone or tablet. The sales manager and administrator can through the web interface prepare, support and evaluate the efforts of the salesforce.


It should be easy to visualize the connection between the effort of the sales staff and the end results to enable creating a clever future strategy. It should also be easy for the sales staff to present the key benefits of their brand or product during the sales meeting. Therefore, a modern sales tool needs to simplify the analyzing process, something we at Genero have taken to heart offering Microsoft Power BI.



But a future sales tool is more than that. Communication is the key to success and a typical day for a sales rep can be lonely. Therefore, we integrate social functions that helps with the communication between all parts of the sales organization. Vi make it easier to highlight good examples though photos and make every day a little bit more inspiring with the possibility of sales competitions and other engaging activities.

Genero Advisors

In many cases there are things that can be improved, routines that be changed and new targets to define. We know that it can be hard to know exactly what to do to reach the next level and sometimes help is needed. That is the reason we have our Genero Advisors and some of the industry’s leading consultants specialized in sales force development, category management and leadership for regional managers and sales managers. Depending on your specific challenges, our consultants customizes a program just for you, helping you reach your goals.


The sales reps reporting from their visits in pharmacies needed to more efficient and more precise. The results from the work in-store needed to be highlighted towards our suppliers. With help from Genero Solution Advisors we quickly managed to create a simple and clear structure for the reporting. Their insights regarding the everyday situation for the sales reps was crucial enabling a speedy implementation. We went from plan to action in record time!

Birgitta Strömberg, CEO Blue Ocean Sales Scandinavia AB



Several times a year we organize training in sales development, sales management and in Genero sales. The training calendar is updated continuously and you can register at

Our current courses:
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You always have access to the latest version

We deliver the market's no 1 sales automation tool, which places high demands on the development and improvement of our product. That's why you as a customer always have access to the latest version of Genero Sales, free of charge.


We ensure that the system works optimally, every day

Sales are the heart of your business and Genero is the seller's support in everyday life so we take responsibility for Genero Sales to work optimally. With free support and free updates, the seller gets the most out of the system every day.


Our advisors are established in your business

Genero is much more than just a system supplier. With extensive experience in sales force management and retail processing, our advisors help you ensure that the activities performed and measured really contribute to the desired outcome.


Management that gives results

It is easy to become blind. The parameters that you evaluate your salespeople on may not always be the ones that determine the result. Genero offers both advice and technical conditions for various forms of management and follow-up.


Create insights

Tracking and collecting data is good, but pointless if it doesn't create insights about your business opportunities. Genero Insight give you access to visual analysis tools and the ability to create and publish reports that are easy to understand.


Designed to facilitate the field seller's daily life

Genero Sales is developed by sales reps and the system supports all steps in the sales process. With constant access to current campaigns, quizzes, images, presentations, orders and more in one tool, the seller can focus on the customer in the sales process.

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Work with us

At Genero you will be part of a team that is passionate about innovative solutions in technology and for our customers. You will be part of a positive, pleasant and stimulating work environment and a corporate culture that is characterized by our values equality, trust and respect.

At the moment we have no vacancies.

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