A brand new way of analyzing Genero data is heading your way!

Written by mattias.fryklund@genero.se

This fall we will launch a feature making it possible for you to analyze Genero data through powerful dashboards, providing you with an even better understanding of everything that is going on in your team.

Genero Insight is a modern, powerful and easy to use interface powered by Microsoft® PowerBI® and will include dashboards for analyzing appointments, sales, distribution, campaigns and more.

Dynamic drill down functions will make it easy to go in depth and analyze specific stores, products etc. Dashboards will be available both in Genero Sales Officer and in the app, Genero Sales Striker, so that your field sales heroes can benefit from them when they are in store.

Are you interested in learning more about this new feature and be one of the first in line to try it out when we launch it? Click here to contact us and learn more!

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