We say welcome to our cool new friends at Huski!

Written by mattias.fryklund@genero.se

One of the most exciting new brands that has emerged on the market recently is definitely Huski! You may have seen the brand appear in situations related to sports and adventure and we are now happy to announce that Huski has decided to use Genero Sales as a tool for their sales organization.

This is how Huski describe themselves on their webpage, https://www.huskichocolate.com/

“At Huski Chocolate, adventure’s in our blood. That’s why from our origins in Arctic Sweden we’ve developed a special range of chocolate drinks that bring comfort to the cold and strength to the brave. Whether you’re scaling a snowy summit, surfing the pacific or staying late in the office, the Huski Chocolate range stands by to fuel any adventure.”

A warm welcome to us at Genero! This will be a great journey!

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