Haugen-Gruppen Finland chooses Genero Sales!

Written by mattias.fryklund@genero.se

Genero has for years been CRM provider for Haugen-Gruppen in Denmark and we are now happy to announce that Haugen-Gruppen in Finland also have chosen Genero Sales for their field sales organization! 🧡

This is how Haugen-Gruppen describes themselves on https://www.haugen-gruppen.fi/

Haugen-Gruppen was founded in 1916 and was a traditional grocery wholesaler until the sixties. Following trade developments, the traditional wholesaler decided to become a specialized Import- Sales and Marketing Organisation within Grocery and later Food-Service, Confectionery and Wine & Spirits.

Haugen-Gruppen Nordic is today a leading Nordic supplier with its head office at Vestby outside Oslo and with subsidiaries in all the 5 Nordic Countries.

We are excited to help yet another field sales force on the Finish market.

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