We welcome Elle Basic to us!

Written by mattias.fryklund@genero.se

Elle Basic has been supplying the Norwegian market with a wide range of beauty products from numerous well-known brands for 15 years. We are very proud that they have now also chosen to use Genero Sales to facilitate primarily order taking out in the field.

This is what Elle Basic writes on their website:

Elle Basic is a Norwegian company owned by The Feelgood Company. We produce and deliver a wide range of personal care products, cosmetics, beauty, and wellness. The company was established in 2009 by an experienced and enthusiastic team that combines entrepreneurship, professionalism, innovation, passion, and flexibility. This unique combination has resulted in our exciting and competitive portfolio.

Check out the entire range at https://www.ellebasic.no/

We warmly welcome you to Genero and look forward to a long and wonderful collaboration! 🧡

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