3 Vänner Finland chooses Genero Sales!

Written by mattias.fryklund@genero.se

Already in 2012, the success story of 3 Vänner began, or more precisely, Kolmen Kaverin Jäätelö OY as they are called in Finland, when friends Heikki, Ilkka, and Sauli got it started. The rest, as they say, is history, and the brand with the fantastic ice cream has since then been a success first in Finland and now also in Sweden.

In Sweden, they are already working with Genero Sales, and now it feels incredibly exciting that the Finnish company also has chosen Genero Sales as the tool for their field sales team.

This is how they tell their story on their website:

“We want to make ice cream in a way that’s different. A way that is better and more natural. So that we can be proud of each and every delicious tub. Ours is not the quickest or easiest route, but we feel it’s the right one.”

Check out their full range and story at https://www.3friends.com/fi

Now we’re gearing up to start with Genero for the Finnish crew, a warm welcome to us! 🧡

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